696 Hwy 71 West Bldg 4-D
Bastrop, Texas 78602
512-321-KIDS (5437)
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Smiles University
email: thefrog@smilesu.com
512-321-KIDS (5437)

Smiles University Pediatric Dentistry is located in Bastrop Texas. We feel kids need a kids dentist. Dr. Danna Radcliff is a pediatric dentist ( also known as the pediatricians of dentisty ) from the central texas area and opened Smiles U to serve the citizens of Bastrop country and surrounding areas. Our website is smilesu.com and Dr. Danna founded Smiles University. Smiles University is currently accepting new tadpoles and patients ages 0-18. Our phone number is 321 KIDS. The office has the latest technology. We have the ability to treat patients under general anethesia or with light sedation in order to help all patients enjoy their visit. Please come by Smiles University in Bastrop at any time to see the office. We will be happy to show you why kids need a kids dentist. We are taking many forms of insurance and will be happy to help file yours. Our email is thefrog@smilesu.com. If you have highlighted this text and are wondering why it is white here is an explanation. It is supposed to be hidden. Much of our homepage is images and the other search engines outside of google send out bots to crawl our site for content. This content was added to the homepage to help index our new webpage. You are one of the lucky ones to find it. As part of your reward if you tell us that you found this content when you set up a visit we will give you an additional 5% off. How's that for finding the hidden treasures we like to use at smiles university. You and your child are guaranteed to have a great visit at smiles u. Thanks - Dr. Danna Radcliff

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